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Provost's Announcements

Find out about resources for Columbia parents of school-age children, including Work/Life’s School and Child Care Search Service, admissions information for The School at Columbia University, and details about other schools with ties to the University.

As a follow-up to Provost Boyce’s June announcement, the University posted Common Data Set reports for Columbia College/Columbia Engineering, and Columbia General Studies, as well as detail, context, and analysis of the undergraduate experience.

The 2022 Faculty Handbook compiles policies and resources relevant to academic personnel at Columbia.

This funding will support faculty in developing innovative and technology-rich pedagogies and learning strategies.

Announcement regarding the University’s decision to refrain from submitting data to U.S. News and World Report for this year’s undergraduate college rankings. 

News from Faculty Advancement

New faculty from across Columbia attended a welcome reception hosted by the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement.

This year’s virtual faculty orientation will introduce faculty to the broad spectrum of University resources and offices devoted to supporting their teaching, scholarship, and overall well-being.

The symposium featured the work of 14 scholars in the Bridge to the Ph.D. program, which aims to increase the participation of students from underrepresented groups in doctoral programs in STEM disciplines.  

On Thursday, June 2, junior faculty joined Columbia University leaders at Faculty House for a long-overdue luncheon.

We are pleased to recognize faculty whose work embodies Columbia’s commitment to inclusive excellence.

Announcements From Faculty Affairs

These templates should immediately replace the ones previously used for faculty and officers of research.

These ranges should be used in determining the salaries for officers of research throughout the University for the 2022-2023 academic year.

This enables an officer of research whose appointment is ending to set up an auto-reply with updated contact information.

This message offers clarification of policies in the March 2021 Untenured Faculty Pandemic Mitigation Policy. 

This revised paragraph must be included in all offer and reappointment letters for faculty, officers of research, and officers of the libraries.

All News

"Since I came here to Columbia, I’ve been following that work on the parental behavior from both a genetics and a neurobiology perspective. We have also expanded to studying aggression, first in chickens, in which we are going to try to identify a genetic basis of their aggression in chickens bred for fighting for hundreds to thousands of years."

We are pleased to renew calls for proposals from the President’s Global Innovation Fund and the Global Scholars Program, each closely aligned with the Columbia Global Centers.

Minimum salary revisions to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) issued by the U.S. Department of Labor

Julie Kornfeld will begin service as Vice Provost for Academic Programs on January 1, 2020. In this role, she will oversee the University’s broad range of academic programs with a focus on compliance, policy, and regulatory requirements.

"One of the things that I’m interested in is the disjunction between what medieval theorists and philosophers say about animals’ capacity for language, and then how poets depict animal languages."

"...I study the political causes and consequences of the disenfranchisement of migrants, who typically embody a cultural “other” in ethnically diverse societies."

I write to share information about both the School and Child Care Search Service and The School at Columbia. 

Some four weeks into my stint as interim provost, I should like to share my sense of priorities for the academic season and report on some current developments.

A brief update on the status of the continued union negotiations with the Graduate Workers of Columbia-UAW and the Columbia Postdoctoral Workers-UAW.

Jeri Henry has been appointed Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.

"Often, we will say “diversity,” when actually what we mean and what we measure is something else, something that is not really diversity at all; it’s just the presence of non-whites."

To maintain and enhance the academic excellence of our schools, I have relied on the engagement of faculty colleagues and committees across a range of programs and policies within the Office of the Provost. 

May 30, 2019-- The grants enable faculty members to leverage and engage the Columbia Global Centers to increase opportunities for research, teaching, and service.

This message offers guidance for Columbia community members planning international travel.

I am pleased to announce the ten recipients of the Provost’s Grants Program for Junior Faculty Who Contribute to the Diversity Goals of the University.