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The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement promotes and nurtures a vibrant climate of inclusive excellence through creative collaboration with University partners.  Our primary focus is on fostering faculty development, diversity, planning and community-building initiatives that will allow faculty to thrive.

Faculty Diversity and Inclusion

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Faculty Diversity Data

We organize faculty diversity data and support data-driven plans to identify spaces where initiatives are needed to improve faculty recruitment, development, and retention, and to track progress.

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Collaborative Partner

Columbia’s commitment to diversity is supported by a variety of offices and initiatives. We create programs in collaboration with these units to promote faculty development and success.

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Build Diverse Pipeline

Columbia is home to many programs that serve as a bridge for underrepresented minority and female candidates to advance from undergraduate to graduate studies as well as graduate studies to faculty positions. 

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Advisory Council

The Provost's Advisory Council for the Enhancement of Faculty Diversity was established to attract, advance, and retain a diverse faculty of outstanding female and underrepresented minority scholars. 

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Faculty Recruitment

We support diversity plans and assist in meeting placement goals established in University affirmative action programs, by advancing recruitment of outstanding minority and female scholars. 

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Junior Faculty Awards

Each academic year, the Office of The Provost recognizes excellence among the University's junior faculty.

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Mid-Career Faculty Awards

Each academic year, the Office of The Provost recognizes excellence among the University's mid-career faculty.

Faculty Advancement

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New Faculty Resources

Whether you're new to New York City or just new to our campus, find essential information for new faculty here. 

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Faculty Career Development Sessions

Explore workshops and seminars that focus on career success and promotion for faculty.

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The Teaching Hour Series

The Teaching Hour series aims to foster a teaching community among Columbia’s underrepresented and diverse faculty population. 

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National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

The NCFDD is a nationally-recognized independent organization dedicated to supporting faculty, post-docs, and graduate students in making successful transitions throughout their careers.

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Faculty Mentoring Award

The Faculty Mentoring Award recognizes senior faculty who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to faculty mentoring through their work with tenure-track and mid-career faculty in developing their careers.

Office of Work/Life

Columbia University’s Office of Work/Life fosters the well-being of the Columbia community and its people in their pursuit of meaningful and productive academic, personal and work lives.

Our Team

Dennis Mitchell, wearing a dark gray suit, white dress shirt, and glasses, smiles into the camera in front of a charcoal gray background
Dennis A. Mitchell, DDS, MPH

Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement
Professor of Dental Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center
(212) 854-7161

Shana Lassiter, wearing a fuchsia sweater and glasses
Shana L. Lassiter, EdD

Assistant Provost for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion
(212) 851-2709

Head shot of Adina Berrios Brooks, Assistant Provost for Faculty Advancement
Adina Berrios Brooks, MA

Assistant Provost for Faculty Advancement
(212) 854-7285

Amy Rabinowitz
Amy P. Rabinowitz, EdD

Associate Provost and Director, Office of Work/Life
(212) 854-9033

Kristen Barnes, Assistant Director for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion
Kristen Barnes

Assistant Director for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion

Jennifer Leach, Assistant Director for Faculty Advancement
Jennifer Leach

Assistant Director for Faculty Advancement 
(212) 854-0434

Angela N. Garcia, Administrative Manager in the Office of the Vice Provost of Faculty Diversity and Inclusion at Columbia University
Angela N. Garcia

Administrative Manager 
(212) 854-7165

News and Announcements

October 03, 2019

Junior Faculty Awardee Profile: Nikhar Gaikwad, PhD

"...I study the political causes and consequences of the disenfranchisement of migrants, who typically embody a cultural “other” in ethnically diverse societies. In many developing countries, rural-to-urban migrants face a great degree of discrimination in destination cities, for example, by being excluded from public housing or public education. They typically live in shanty towns or slum colonies where they are invisible to the government. This systematic exclusion has a materially adverse impact on their welfare."

August 29, 2019

Junior Faculty Awardee Profile: Maria Abascal, PhD

"...I intervene in a really active area of social science research that has advanced the claim that diversity has negative consequences for things like trust and cooperation. Basically, research doesn’t often meet the burden of proof to make that kind of claim. And this has gone unnoticed because there is a lot of confusion around the term “diversity.” Often, we will say “diversity,” when actually what we mean and what we measure is something else, something that is not really diversity at all; it’s just the presence of non-whites."


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