Columbia University LGBTQ+ Resource Guide

We are excited to share a new resource, The Columbia University LGBTQ+ Guide: Resources to Foster an Affirming Community for LGBTQ+ Faculty and Staff. The task of compiling this guide was undertaken with much care over the past year, and was informed by individual interviews with faculty and staff, as well as focus groups of graduate and undergraduate students. With this project, we sought to create a comprehensive one-stop living repository of campus resources, and to relay recommendations from our interviewees about how we all can be better, more visible LGBTQ+ allies.

Click on the image below to view the complete PDF.

This resource was developed under the leadership of Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement Dennis Mitchell and Professor Walter Bockting and the Provost’s Advisory Council for the Enhancement of Faculty Diversity, a group created with the conviction that an inclusive environment is critical to achieve our highest ideals of research, teaching, and engagement in the larger world.

Please address all comments and suggestions via this form or email Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement Dennis A. Mitchell at [email protected].