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March 24, 2021

Union Bargaining Update

I report on two matters: Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action and the bargaining process. We have proposed an appeals panel composed of individuals who are not part of the University to hear cases on a rotating basis.

Provost's Spotlight: Faculty Profiles

Read interviews with recent Junior Faculty Diversity Awardees

Allie Obermeyer, PhD, sitting at desk in office
Allie Obermeyer, PhD, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

"I've been interested in the interface between chemistry, biology and engineering: how can we use our understanding of chemical matter to change or alter or understand biological systems?" 

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Andres Bendesky in lab with dog in his lap.
Andres Bendesky, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology

"Since I came here to Columbia, I’ve been following that work on the parental behavior from both a genetics and a neurobiology perspective."

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Brian Smith sits at his desk, next to a globe and bookcase
Brian Smith, PhD, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

"I want to create a culture around what's called contextual design, really learning from this community ... and matching what we do to what they need."

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University Policies

Offers information to help students, faculty, and staff understand key policies and regulations.

Copyright Policy

Policies on copyright and how to alert the University of alleged copyright infringement under the Columbia.edu domain.

Policy & Procedures on Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Assault

Federal requirements for addressing allegations of sexual misconduct.

Rules of Conduct

Rules intended to ensure that all members of our community may engage in free expression and open debate.

Charters and Statutes

The University Charters and Statutes are maintained by the Office of the Secretary.

Columbia TA Guide

Covers a range of topics including academic integrity, student mental health, discrimination, and other issues.

Computer and Network Use Policy

Addresses usage of IT resources and applicable policies, laws, and regulations.

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