Office of the Vice Provost for Administration and Planning

What We Do

The Office of the Vice Provost for Administration and Planning supports the Office of the Provost’s mission to recruit and retain the most outstanding faculty members by supporting the administration and operation of many aspects of the University: space planning, faculty housing, travel planning and emergency protocols, childcare and K-12 schooling, human resources, and financial management, among other areas.

Emergency Protocols

Sits on the Emergency Management Operations Team (EMOT). When emergencies occur, this group is tasked with sharing information and developing and implementing response strategies.

Faculty Housing

Administers programs related to faculty housing and housing mobility.

Financial Management

Oversees the Provost's Office budget and financial commitments.

Human Resources

Provides Human Resources support for Provost's Office employees. For assistance with leaves, hiring, or other Human Resources needs, please contact Sabrina Small

Space Planning

Assists the Provost in managing his space planning and programming agenda.

Travel Planning

Find tools for trip planning, and register your trips, to ensure that resources will be available to assist you quickly and effectively in the case of an emergency while you are abroad. 


Michelle Baggan-Bacchus

Director of Finance and Administration
(212) 854-5632

Troy Eggers

Vice Provost for Administration and Planning
(212) 854-5939

Sarah Jubinski

Director for Administration and Planning 
(212) 854-3843

Carrie Marlin

Assistant Provost for Administration and Planning
(212) 854-0218

Tshaye Meaza

Associate Director of Finance
(212) 854-9581

Sabrina Small

Associate Director of Human Resources
(212) 854-3650

Anna Rungwerth

Executive Assistant
(212) 854-0362

Contact Us

309H Low Library
535 West 116th Street, MC 4343 
New York, NY 10027 

(P) (212) 854-0362
(F) (212) 932-0418