Guidelines for Teaching, Student Accommodations, and Staff on Campus

April 22, 2024

Dear members of the Columbia community: 

We are writing to share guidelines for teaching for the remainder of the semester. Safety is our highest priority as we strive to support our students’ learning and all the required academic operations.

It’s vital that teaching and learning continue during this time. We recognize conditions vary across our campuses and thus are issuing the following guidelines:

  • Morningside main campus: All courses hybrid - classroom technology permitting - until the end of each school’s Spring 2024 semester with the following carveouts and further details below.
    • Arts/Practice-based programs: in-person with generous accommodations supported by school deans and staff.
  • Medical Center and Manhattanville: in-person operation as usual, but granting accommodations based on religious reasons, or approved disability accommodations.

Further details for classes on Morningside main campus:

All faculty whose classrooms are located on the main Morningside campus and equipped with hybrid capabilities should enable them to provide virtual learning options to students who need such a learning modality. Faculty in other classrooms or teaching spaces that do not have capabilities for offering hybrid options should hold classes remotely if there are student requests for virtual participation. If the class does not permit adapting to the remote offering format, we encourage faculty to provide other accommodations liberally to students who have requested support for virtual learning this week.

We encourage faculty to reach out to their respective school’s Dean of Academic Affairs as well as IT support office or the Columbia Teaching and Learning Center if they need support.

Faculty and Staff Expectations

Faculty should be guided by the above expectations. 

Administrative officers and support staff who are able to work from home may do so. Please check with your supervisor if you have any questions. Those employees who are required to be on-site to perform essential work functions should report to work as usual, guided by their Dean and/or Unit Head. 

For questions and concerns, we encourage the use of our student support resources and conversations between students and their academic advisors.

We will continue to communicate further updates and appreciate your understanding.

Angela V. Olinto
Professor of Astronomy and of Physics

Cas Holloway
Chief Operating Officer