Provost organizational updates

January 16, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

To further the ability of the Office of the Provost to carry out its mission, I have put in place a number of organizational changes and appointments. These developments will help the Office to ensure that Columbia’s academic programs are of the highest quality and that we can support the recruitment and retention of an outstanding and diverse faculty.

I am pleased to welcome the newest member of the Office of the Provost, Latha Venkataraman, who I have appointed as Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs. Latha, a Professor of Applied Physics and of Chemistry, previously served on the University-wide Tenure Review Advisory Committee. As Vice Provost, she develops the University’s policies governing the appointment of its academic officers, manages Columbia’s tenure review system, and authorizes leaves on behalf of the President. She serves as a resource for deans, chairs, the University Senate and other offices, and individual faculty on academic appointments and regulations.

Latha joined Columbia University in 2003. Her research focuses on developing and using novel instruments to make and study electronic circuits at the nanometer scale. She takes over from Arthur G. Palmer, who has served with distinction as interim Vice Provost for the past year.

Several other changes involve key current members of the Office of the Provost. Dennis Mitchell, who has been Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion for the past four years and has stewarded our faculty diversity initiative, will take on the title of Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement. His office will have an enhanced focus on faculty development and on community building, in service of the University’s vision of inclusive excellence. The Office of Work/Life will now report to Dennis.

In the coming year, the Offices of Academic Programs and of Planning & Institutional Research will merge, under the direction of Vice Provost Melissa Begg. The linking of these two groups will enable the Provost’s Office to respond more effectively to reporting requirements and to the ongoing need for evaluation data and timely analysis. Jim Glover will become Senior Associate Provost, with responsibility for the coordination and integration of the analyses and reporting undertaken by this group.

Justin Pearlman, who has been Chief of Staff since the start of my term as Provost, is now Vice Provost for Communications and Engagement. Justin will add to his portfolio the communications function for the Office, and will also focus on outreach, partnerships, and external affairs.

Carrie Marlin in the Office of Administration and Planning has been promoted to Associate Provost; Tompkins Hall Childcare Center will now report to her.

Finally, I have asked Troy Eggers to take a more central role in the running of the Office of the Provost. His new title is Executive Vice Provost and he will work closely with the Vice Provosts and other senior staff on the priorities of the Office of the Provost.

  Please join me in welcoming Latha, thanking Art for his contributions, and congratulating the members of our team who are taking on new roles and responsibilities.