Faculty Grants Awarded for Teaching and Learning

This funding will support faculty in developing innovative and technology-rich pedagogies and learning strategies.

August 11, 2022

Dear fellow members of the Columbia community:

I am pleased to announce the awardees of the 2022-23 Office of the Provost’s Teaching and Learning Grants. The grant programs support faculty in developing innovative and technology-rich pedagogies and learning strategies for Columbia courses and beyond. The grants will help assess the effectiveness of new educational methods and tools, and illuminate strategies to improve learning outcomes for Columbia students across disciplines.

These awards are given in a number of categories: Innovative Course Module Design, Innovative Course Design, Large-Scale Teaching & Learning, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Interdisciplinary Teaching Awards, Emerging Technologies, and – for the first time – the Science of Learning Research Initiative (SOLER) Seed Grants. The new SOLER grant program, developed to better understand and improve teaching and learning in undergraduate and graduate courses, supports discipline-based education research.

Information on Columbia’s online teaching and learning efforts and resources, along with previous faculty awardees, can be found on the Columbia Office of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation’s website.  

Please join Senior Vice Provost Soulaymane Kachani and me in congratulating the faculty awardees.


Mary C. Boyce
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

List of Awardees 2022-2023

Innovative Course Design

Bringing Environmental and Climate Justice Tools into the Classroom: Using Inquiry-Based Learning and Systems Thinking Interventions to Enhance Teaching

  • Christian Braneon, Climate Scientist at Columbia Climate School
  • Natalie Unwin-Kuruneri, Senior Director of Academic Initiatives at Columbia Climate School
  • Alix Schroder, Associate Director of Academic Initiatives at Columbia Climate School

Introducing Case-Based Teaching into Interdisciplinary Data Privacy Education

  • Rachel Cummings, Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Proposal for a Novel Elective Bridging 3D Printing and Medical Educator Skill Development

  • Alan J. Detton,  Assistant Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology at the Columbia University Medical Center
  • Todd A. Bates, Assistant Clinical Professor of Education Assessment (in Medicine)

Covering Religion

  • Ari Goldman, Professor of Journalism
  • Gregory N. Khalil, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Assignment Builder for EconPractice and Adaptive E-Learning Assignments

  • Thomas Groll, Senior Lecturer of International and Public Affairs

A Growth Mindset Intervention for a Graduate-Level Biostatistics Course: Research-based Strategies to Mitigate Threats to Academic Belonging

  • Leah Hooper, Senior Director of Educational Initiatives; Associate in Sociomedical Sciences
  • Christine Mauro, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics

Building an Online Archive: A Meaningful Engagement with the Past in a Literature Course

  • Agnieszka Legutko, Lecturer in Yiddish

Developing and Implementing an Assistive Technology and Modifications Course to Build Skills and Competency in Technology-Based Interventions for Graduate Occupational Therapy Students

  • Rochelle Mendonca, Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine

Proposal for Innovative Course Design (Standard Arabic for Heritage Speakers)

  • Yousef Nouhi, Senior Lecturer in Arabic

Use of Video-Based Reflection and Interactive Feedback to Improve Speaking in Foreign Language Classes

  • Zhongqi Shi, Senior Lecturer in Chinese

Developing Capacity and Digital Modules to Expand Self Compassion and Mindfulness Practice for Health Practitioner Students

  • Martha Sliwinski, Associate Professor of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine

3Demos: Bringing Interactivity to Visualizations in Calculus

  • Drew Youngen, Lecturer of Applied Physics & Applied Mathematics

Innovative Course Module Design (Start Small!)

Public Health Law, Ethics, and Regulations Module for Students and Community Members

  • Heather Butts, Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management

Colloquium for Nursing History and Anti-Racism Affirmation

  • Ashley Graham-Perel, Assistant Professor of Nursing

An Educational Initiative to Reduce Falls and Increase Mobility Assessment: Enhancing Geriatric Education in the Medical Students Primary Care Clerkship

  • Natasha Mehta, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Walkiria Jimenez-Loo, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Melissa Patterson, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Laurel Abbruzzese, Associate Professor of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine

Writing as Curation: Enhancing Undergraduate Research with Museum Objects

  • Kristie Schlauraff, Lecturer in the Discipline of English & Comparative Literature

An Informed Perspective: Awareness and Allyship for Disability Justice

  • Ovita Williams, Lecturer in the Discipline of Social Work
  • Susan Witte, Professor of Social Work

Asynchronous Learning Through Online Modules in Clinical Neurology

  • Amy Yu, Assistant in Clinical Neurology

Large-Scale Teaching & Learning Grants

Anti-Racist Pedagogy Speaker Series

  • Adina Berrios Brooks, Associate Provost for Inclusive Faculty Pathways

Recording Studio in Reid Hall

  • Brune Biebuyck, Director, Reid Hall

International Students Onboarding and Immigration Compliance

  • Samantha Lu, Associate Director, ISSO

Curriculum Design Workgroups focusing on Inclusive Teaching Pedagogy Using Backward Design at Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

  • Monica Lypson, Rolf H. Scholdager Professor of Medicine

A Re-Imagining of Teaching Assessment Systems for Faculty of the Department of Emergency Medicine

  • Kiran Pandit, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Fostering Diversity and Racial Equity, and Promoting Inclusive Excellence for Faculty at Columbia Business School

  • Jonah Rockoff, Senior Vice Dean for Curriculum and Programs
  • Ann Bartel, Merrill Lynch Professor of Workforce Transformation; Vice Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Michelle Hall, Managing Director of the Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence

Interdisciplinary Teaching Awards

Developing an Upstander Curricular Thread throughout the Medical School Curriculum

  • Jean-Marie Alves-Bradford, Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Building Foundations for Global Leadership

  • David Austell, Associate Provost; Executive Director of ISSO

Expanding Access to Foundations for Research Computing

  • Jonathan Cain, Associate University Librarian for Research and Learning
  • Jeremiah Trinidad-Christensen, Head of Research Data Services in the Columbia University Libraries
  • Jeremiah Mercurio, Head of Humanities and History in the Columbia University Libraries

The First Collaborative Patient Encounter: Communication, Coordination, Collaboration, Becoming a Team

  • Ellen M. Fahey, Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Letty Moss-Salentijn, Zagarelli Professor of Dental Medicine

Creating Teaching and Learning Content at Reid Hall, Paris

  • Mark Mazower, Ira D. Wallach Professor of History

Re-Design of Healthcare Management, Design, and Strategy

  • Taylor Sewell, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
  • Carri Chan, John A. Howard Professor of Business
  • Peter Tollman, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Business

Massive Open Online Courses

Frontiers of Science: A MOOC Series - Part 2

  • David Helfand, Professor of Astronomy
  • Ivana Nikolic Hughes, Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Chemistry

SOLER Grants

An Exploration of the Anti-Oppressive Practice of “Un-grading” and its Effects on Student Learning

  • Amy Werman, Lecturer in Discipline, Social Work

How Nonverbal Communication Supports Abstract Thinking Development

  • Tugce Bilgin, Lecturer in the Discipline of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
  • John Black, Cleveland E. Dodge Professor of Telecommunications & Education
  • Josh Friedman, Research Staff Assistant

Interactive Simulations to Support Inquiry-Based Statistics Instruction in Frontiers of Science

  • Nicholas Bock, Lecturer in the Discipline of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Vincent Fitzpatrick, Lecturer in the Discipline of Biological Sciences
  • Debora Monego, Lecturer in the Discipline of Chemistry

Neuro-DBER: A New Area of Discipline-Based Education Research that Leverages Neuroscience to Enhance Teaching and Learning

  • Alfredo Spagna, Lecturer in the Discipline of Psychology
  • Xiaofu He, Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurobiology (in Psychiatry)

Evaluating Augmented Reality (AR) Using Microsoft Mesh Hololens 2 for Teaching Deep Expertise in Introductory Biochemistry

  • Brent Stockwell, Professor of Biological Sciences and Chemistry


    Emerging Technologies Grants

    Utilizing Virtual Reality for Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Students

    • Jaime Panton, Assistant Professor of Nursing
    • Deanna Schneider, Assistant Professor of Nursing

    3D Scans of Architectural Monuments to Teach Students How to Preserve Them

    • Jorge Otero-Pailos, Professor of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation

    Creating New Worlds in Language and in VR

    • Joss Lake, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Writing

    Evaluating Augmented Reality (AR) Using Microsoft Mesh and Hololens 2 for Teaching Deep Expertise in Introductory Biochemistry

    • Brent Stockwell, Professor of Biological Sciences and Chemistry

    Using Virtual Reality to Enhance Students' Empathy and Understanding of DEI Components and Professional Skill

    • Razan Hamed, Associate Professor of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine