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This directory includes all members of offices of vice provosts plus the heads of other reporting offices.

  • Troy Eggers serves as Executive Vice Provost at Columbia University. 

  • Professor Kachani conducts research in the fields of dynamic pricing, revenue management, logistics, supply chain management, algorithmic trading, statistical arbitrage, traffic flow modeling, and transportation analysis. He teaches courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the areas of quantitative corporate finance, industrial economics, operations consulting, logistics, pricing, and production and inventory planning.

  • Vice Provost Venkataraman joined Columbia University in 2003. Her research focuses on developing and using novel instruments to make and study electronic circuits at the nanometer scale where the functional element is a single-molecule, a collection of a few atoms. Over the past few years, her research group has developed methods to not only measure the current that flows across a single molecule, but also the force required to break such a circuit and the amount of electricity one can generate using heat in these devices. Her research is highly interdisciplinary and she has received prominent awards including the National Science Foundation Career Award, Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering, and the Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship in Chemistry. 

  • In July 2019, Kristen Barnes, M.A. joined the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement as the Assistant Director of Faculty Diversity and Inclusion. She works on faculty data analysis, finance management and communications.

    Prior to this role, Kristen worked in faculty development at Teachers College and later in Columbia’s Office of the Executive Vice President for Arts and Sciences. Most recently, Kristen served as the Assistant Director of Faculty Development & Diversity in the Office of the EVP for Arts & Sciences. Kristen has a longstanding interest in increasing marginalized groups’ access to higher education. She has experience in fundraising, advocacy, and leadership development through her work at Children’s Defense Fund of New York and the George Washington University.

    Kristen received her B.A. in English & Comparative Literature and Political Science from George Washington University, and her M.A. in Politics & Education from Teachers College. She plans to enroll in a doctoral program in fall 2020.

  • Justin Pearlman was appointed Vice Provost for Communications and Engagement at Columbia University on January 1, 2019.  He previously served for eight years as Chief of Staff to the Provost.

    Prior to coming to Columbia in 2011 he was Assistant Provost for Research at the University of Southern California. Earlier, he held positions at the United States Institute for Peace, a federally-funded nonpartisan agency, and the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. 

    Pearlman holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Duke University and a B.S. from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

  • Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Associate Professor of Epidemiology at the Mailman School of Public Health

  • In July 2019, Jennifer joined the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement as Assistant Director for Faculty Advancement. In her role, she focuses on the expansion of our faculty development program, deepening our community building efforts and strengthening our communications efforts.   

    Prior to this role, Jen worked in the Department of Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, where she was responsible for the processes for faculty promotion and tenure as well as managing faculty mentorship programs. Before joining Columbia, Jen served as an HR manager at a digital publishing startup and had a ten-year career teaching secondary English in New York and San Diego.

    Jen received her B.A. in individualized study from NYU’s Gallatin School and her M.A. in English education from Teachers College. She recently completed her M.S. in Narrative Medicine at Columbia, where her research focused on the connection between illness, identity, and work, and how a narrative approach to career coaching could benefit those living with chronic health conditions. Jen also studied the potential of graphic medicine, using comics in a medical context, to help patients reclaim once-silenced narratives.

  • Ira Katznelson is the interim provost of Columbia University, as well as the Ruggles Professor of Political Science and History and Deputy Director of Columbia World Projects

  • Dr. Mitchell serves as the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement for Columbia University in the City of New York and Professor of Dental Medicine at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center.  In his role as Vice Provost, he is responsible for leading the University’s ongoing commitment to attract, advance, and retain a diverse faculty.


  • David B. Austell is the Associate Provost and Director of the International Students and Scholars Office at Columbia University in New York City.

  • Administrative Manager
    Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Programs
    Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement

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