Reception Honors 50 Newly Tenured Faculty

Columbia's leadership gathered to recognize 50 scholars who joined the tenured faculty in 2023.

October 18, 2023

At the second annual Newly Tenured Faculty Reception, Columbia leadership recognized 50 scholars who joined the tenured faculty in 2023. President Minouche Shafik and Interim Provost Dennis Mitchell made remarks and toasted the faculty who had just achieved this career milestone. Newly tenured faculty, as well as deans, chairs, members of the tenure review advisory committee and other Columbia leaders joined the celebration, where President Shafik and Interim Provost Mitchell made remarks.

“The quality of the faculty is the foundation upon which everything else is built,” said President Shafik. “It’s the foundation of excellence upon which the teaching, the research, and our global impact—everything starts with you.”

Interim Provost Dennis Mitchell said that tenure is a milestone, but it is the first of many and a vote of confidence in a professor’s work for many years to come.

“Tenure represents our faith in your next paper, your next book, your next clinical trial, your next innovation, said Mitchell. “It reflects our commitment to supporting your continued productivity and helping you thrive—as scholars, but also as people within an amazing, diverse, and inspiring scholarly community.”

After remarks, attendees mingled over refreshments, and many newly tenured faculty members met each other, as well as members of university leadership, for the first time. 

 Newly tenured faculty were sent home with copies of the book, Stand, Columbia!, which documents Columbia’s first 250 years of history, which Mitchell referenced in his remarks. “I hope that, when you look it over, you consider the fact that you are going to help write the next chapter."