2024 Faculty Mentoring Awardees

The Faculty Mentoring Award recognizes senior faculty who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to faculty mentoring through their work with tenure-track and mid-career faculty in developing their careers. Exceptional mentoring can include offering advice, feedback and guidance on research activities, coaching on work-life balance issues, providing professional opportunities for mentees, and/or assisting in development of teaching skills.

The Faculty Mentoring Award honors the incredible mentoring legacy of Columbia Business School Professor Katherine W. Phillips.

The recipients of the 2024 Faculty Mentoring Award are:


Henry P. Monaghan, JD
Professor of Law
Columbia Law School

"I have always tried and continue to try to stay in good contact with my younger colleagues because they have been and still are the future of the school. In addition, they keep me alive intellectually."

Rhiannon Stephens, PhD
Professor of History
Faculty of Arts and Sciences

"From my perspective, the intellectual and work communities I am part of are inseparable from my personal career goals. As such, I am committed to working to make Columbia the best possible place for everyone who works and studies here."