Individual Circumstances and Inclusive Remote Work: Tips for Managers

Expect Greater Insight into the Personal Lives of Colleagues

• Respect the privacy of each individual; it can be difficult to establish boundaries between personal and professional life while working remotely

Encourage Mental, Physical, and Emotional Well-Being

• Ask unit members how they are doing; model healthy practices (e.g., limit sending and responding to late night emails by using the “send later” email function)

Be Patient with Unique Challenges of Crisis Work and Life Circumstances

• With the boundaries between work and life blurred, expect that managing personal responsibilities and work will become more complex

Promote and Actively Utilize Existing Columbia Work/Life Supports

• Highlight the offerings of the Office of Work/Life: Backup care, well-being webinars, yoga, and meditation, as well as the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), whose offerings include counseling, legal, and financial services