Provost Diversity Fellow: Joshua Taliaferro

Headshot of Joshua Taliaferro

Joshua Taliaferro, MD/PhD candidate

Department and School
Neurobiology and Behavior

Joshua Taliaferro is an MD-PhD candidate at Columbia University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Princeton University, with certificates in Engineering Biology, in Spanish, and in Neuroscience. His PhD research focuses on the neural basis of cognition in health and illness, but he is also captivated by questions of philosophy, ethics, and sociology, and he greatly enjoys drawing connections between disparate realms. Joshua aspires to become a physician-scientist that builds broadly accessible avenues for the multidimensional alleviation of suffering, especially for historically marginalized communities.

Christoph Kellendonk, Associate Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics in Psychiatry

Favorite self-care ritual
Solitude or quiet communing in an immersive natural setting

Recommended book
The Silent Cry by Oe Kenzaburo.

To learn more about Joshua Taliaferro, please email him directly.