Provost Diversity Fellow: Daniela Bushiri

Portrait of Daniela Bushiri, a young female with black hair pulled back, dressed in a grey suit and white stripped shirt, against a dark blue background

Daniela Bushiri, PhD candidate

Department and School
Chemical Engineering, Engineering & Applied Science

Daniela A. Bushiri received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology. She is now an NSF Graduate Research Fellow and Provost Diversity Fellow at Columbia University with a research focus on developing electrocatalysts for Nitrates/Nitrogen conversion to Ammonia. Her project is co-advised by Dr. Chen. Outside of research, Daniela enjoys dancing to afrobeats, writing poetry and having deep conversations. Daniela is proudly Congolese/South African and cares deeply about the various issues in Africa, especially the energy crisis.  

Daniel Esposito,  Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
Jingguang Chen, Thayer Lindsley Professor of Chemical Engineering, Chair, Department of Chemical Engineering 

Favorite hangout on or off campus
Alma Mater steps

Favorite self-care rituals
Quiet time at the beach or Korean spa 

Recommended books
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero; Gift of being yourself by David Benner 

Favorite Study Spot
Her room 

To learn more about Daniela Bushiri, please connect with her on LinkedIn or email her directly.