Meet Columbia Law School Faculty Tenured in 2022

Two Law School professors joined Columbia's tenured faculty in 2022. Tenure is a distinction that recognizes scholarly excellence, demonstrated capacity for imaginative, original work, and great promise for continued contributions at the leading edge of the disciplines.

Monica Hakimi is an international legal scholar who examines the role played by informal processes — including customary law — in the shaping and enforcement of international law, especially international human rights law, the law of armed conflict, and the deployment of force in law. Central to her work is a focus on the tension between international norms instantiated by international institutions and the actual behavior of states. Her work has gained attention for challenging international law orthodoxy in a fearless and original way. Professor Hakimi was recently elected co-editor-in-chief of the American Journal of International Law.

Professor Hakimi received her BA from Duke University in 1997 and her JD from Yale Law School in 2001. She served as an Attorney-Advisor in the Office of the Legal Advisor in the US Department of State from 2002-2006, as well as clerked for Southern District of New York Judge Kimba Wood. She joined the University of Michigan Law School in 2008 as an assistant professor and was tenured as Professor of Law in 2013. While at Michigan, Professor Hakimi served as an Associate Dean for Academic Programming and the Associate Dean for Faculty Research. She was a visiting professor at the Columbia Law School during the January and Spring Terms in 2022.

Monica Hakimi's Faculty Profile

Joshua Mitts uses advanced data science for his scholarship on corporate and securities law. He is focused on informed trading in financial markets, with an emphasis on short selling and the role of technological innovation. He also explores questions at the intersection of securities lending and corporate governance, and has written on emerging issues in insider trading and securities litigation. His research impacts both policy and practice. It is often cited, referenced extensively, and relied upon by media outlets, government agencies, and lawmakers. He presents his work at various conferences, symposiums, and workshops in a variety of forums, and it has been at the center of public debates, testimony, litigation, and legislative efforts. Professor Mitts was appointed by President Bollinger to serve on the Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing and has joined the Racial Justice and Fossil Fuel subcommittees.

Professor Mitts holds a JD from Yale Law School; a PhD in Finance and Economics from Columbia Business School; and a BA in Liberal Studies from Georgetown University.

Joshua Mitts' Faculty Profile