Creatively Adapting to Inclusive Remote Work

Build Trust, Maintain Flexibility, and Experiment with New Ways of Working

• Share leadership and learn from each other

• Faculty can partner with students, colleagues, or the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) staff to enhance the delivery of instruction

• Units should establish a culture of inquiry and curiosity when tackling a new challenge

Rethink the “Campus”

• Be creative about hosting interviews/campus visits

• Ensure that prospective faculty and students have access to diverse members of the faculty and community

Rethink Community-Building Activities

• Consider converting planned events/webinars/conferences/readings/invited talks to a virtual format

Assess Possible Implications for Interruptions to Research

• May not apply the same to all—lab-based research versus human subject, grant-funded research versus independent

• Department Chairs can assist to minimize losses; offer support; and identify implications for productivity, publication, or compliance