2022 Faculty Mentoring Awardees

The Faculty Mentoring Award recognizes senior faculty who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to faculty mentoring through their work with tenure-track and mid-career faculty in developing their careers. Exceptional mentoring can include offering advice, feedback and guidance on research activities, coaching on work-life balance issues, providing professional opportunities for mentees, and/or assisting in development of teaching skills.

2022 Faculty Mentoring Awards

The recipients of the 2022 Faculty Mentoring Award are:

Timothy Donnelly
Professor of Writing
School of the Arts

"So much of my mentorship seems to happen on the fly—in bits and pieces; in simply being present when someone's presence is requested; in offering insight based on my experience; in dotting i's and crossing t's; in refusing to let a call for help go unanswered, or trust that someone else will take care of it, or to walk away from a colleague in need if I have it in my power to help."

Adam Galinsky
Paul Calello Professor of Leadership and Ethics
Columbia Business School

"My check-ins push [my mentees] to define their goal, to stretch that goal, and to create a plan to achieve that goal. They are designed to both nurture and to help them move forward, to take the next leap intellectually and professionally."

Laura Kurgan
Professor of Architecture
School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation

"I have learned that mentoring is not about specific guidance, but in helping people discover what they do best—it is about opening doors, mapping out institutional landscapes, and figuring out exactly what the junior faculty might not know about opaque academic structures."

Jane Waldfogel
Compton Foundation Centennial Professor for the Prevention of Children’s and Youth Problems
School of Social Work

"I see mentoring as a major part of my job as a faculty member and a very rewarding one. I can't ever recall declining to mentor someone on the grounds that I am too busy—if a colleague is working in my area or an allied area and I can help advance his/her career, I see it as my responsibility."