Textbook Information for Spring 2015 Courses

January 28, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

As you will recall, Federal law requires that the University provide students with information on the textbooks their instructors expect or recommend that they purchase. The information must be posted online in time to help students choose the courses for which they will register. You should use the tool that has been created within CourseWorks to meet these requirements. To access that tool, simply log into CourseWorks at: http://courseworks.columbia.edu. The “Textbooks” tool can be seen as a tab on the left-hand panel within each course website.

It is important that you enter textbook information into CourseWorks for every course you teach. One of the features of the tool is a box you can check off if you do not require or recommend that students purchase any textbooks for a course. Using that feature fulfills our obligation to inform students of the books expected or recommended for purchase if they do enroll in the course.

Please submit textbook information for your Spring semester courses as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Melissa Begg
Vice Provost for Educational Programs
Columbia University