New Email Automated Service for Officers of Research

December 21, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to announce the establishment of a new email auto response service for officers of research whose appointments at Columbia are coming to an end. Currently, when an officer of research leaves the University, their University email service ends shortly thereafter. The new email auto response service enables an officer of research to set up a bounce-back message providing the recipient with their permanent email address at which they can be reached. This bounce-back message will be active for five years from the researcher’s termination date.

Requests for this service must be submitted by the Department Administrator for the departing officer of research using the attached form. The completed form should be sent to [email protected] for those with appointments on the Morningside campus (including Lamont and ZMBBI) and to [email protected] for those on the CUIMC campus.

Requests can be made for only a single change of email address and cannot be subsequently updated after that change is made. Requests should be sent only to the relevant campus IT by the appropriate Departmental Administrator.

Latha Venkataraman
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Anne Taylor
SrVP for Faculty Development and Career Development