Past Event

ONLINE: Tidying Survey Data in R

April 14, 2020
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Surveys are an essential tool used across various disciplines in sampling and drawing inferences from populations of interest. However, poor survey design, survey tool limitations or data reliability and validation issues can lead to lengthy and often costly analysis of survey data. This two-hour online workshop aims to introduce individuals looking to conduct or work with survey data with best practices in survey research and how to overcome common issues in survey design and data integrity. Participants will learn concepts such as survey measurement methods, data invalidity identification techniques and basic data transformations (log, square etc.). This workshop will present these concepts through an example and culminate with preliminary insights drawn from a survey. After the workshop, participating researchers will be better prepared in conducting surveys and handling survey data in addition to having a basic understanding of the Qualtrics survey platform. Due to COVID-19, this event will now take place online. Please register and we'll email you details!

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