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NCFDD Webinar: Cultivating Compassion & Collectivism: Week 2

February 17, 2021
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

NCFDD Webinar: Cultivating Compassion & Collectivism: A Multi-Week Course to Facilitate Healing from Racial Trauma - Week 2


Racial trauma has many academics oscillating between fight, flight, and freeze responses. We are fighting on committees and in our classrooms, debating how or if we should stay in harmful environments, and finding ourselves stuck as we hold our own and our community's pain. In this two-part workshop series, Dr. Della will describe the connection between trauma, healing, compassion, and collectivism. She will also introduce and guide participants through practices that help cultivate compassion and collectivism as a means to help facilitate healing from racial trauma.

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Adina Brooks