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The Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Council represents those units at Columbia University, Teachers College, and Barnard College dedicated to research and scholarship, service, education and training, and policy development in this interdisciplinary area. The Council provides opportunities for communication, coordination, and collaboration across the University at large. The Council hosts a breakfast meeting every semester and supports programming, including the Queer Disruptions conferences sponsored by the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement. Professors Walter BocktingPatricia Dailey and Yasmine Ergas serve as the Council’s co-chairs.

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Walter Bockting
Patricia Dailey
Yasmine Ergas

Aaron Wallen
Adena Bargad
Adina Berrios Brooks
Andrew Dolkart
Anke A. Ehrhardt
Catherine A LaSota
Catherine Monk
Constance A. Nathanson
Dennis A. Mitchell
Diana Dumitru
Elissa Perry
Elizabeth Castelli
Elsa-Grace V. Giardina
Farah Griffin
Iessa Sutton
Jack Halberstam
Jane Waldfogel
Jean Howard
Jenna Freedman
Jennifer Hirsch
Jennifer Leach
Jenny McGill
John Santelli
Josef Sorret
Jully Meriño
Katherine Ewing
Katherine Franke
Kimberle Crenshaw
Kristen Barnes
Lynn Freedman
Marianne Hirsch
Melanie Brewster
Merit Janow
Michelle Knight-Manuel
Mikaela Luttrell Rowland
Neferti Tadiar
Ofra Weinberger
Olivia Snow
Paige West
Paola Valenti
Rebecca Heino
Richard Parker
Ronald Mincy
Ryan Grubbs
Sarah Witte
Susan Vaughan
Terry Mcgovern
Tonya Reid
Umbreen Bhatti
Vani Natarajan
Vina Tran
Vishakha Desai
Wafaa el-Sadr
Yannik Thiem

Previous Events

Queer Disruptions

Queer Disruptions I 
October 13-14, 2016
Queer Disruption I, the first of the Queer Disruptions series, began a conversation with activists and artists from the U.S. and abroad who convened to explore the ways that queer studies, policies and practices theorize, transform and reimagine scholarship and generate new social possibilities. Queer Disruptions extends Columbia University’s rich tradition of debate and research on the themes relating to gender and sexuality.

Queer Disruptions II
March 1-2, 2018
Queer Disruptions II further engaged scholars, activists and artists from the U.S. and abroad in exploration of the ways that queer studies, policies and practices theorize, transform and re-imagine scholarship and generate new social possibilities.

Queer Disruptions III 
February 28 - March 1, 2019
Queer Disruptions III highlighted an international slate of esteemed scholars, activists, and artists who convened to celebrate GLQ’s 25th anniversary and to reflect on the seminal conference Black Nations/Queer Nations from 1995.

The program included a concert performance by queer Colombian sound artist Ana Maria Romano on Wednesday, February 27, organized by the Department of Music and the Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race at Columbia University. 

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