​Office of the Provost Faculty Orientation

The Center for Teaching and Learning and Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement are pleased to invite Columbia faculty to enroll in the online Office of the Provost Faculty Orientation to welcome and acclimate you to the 2020 academic year. This virtual orientation program aims to complement your own school’s orientation activities by introducing a range of University resources and offices devoted to supporting your teaching and scholarship.

Who is the Orientation open to?

This orientation is open to all Columbia faculty. It is especially useful for new or junior faculty. 

Program Description

The orientation comprises a series of online self-paced CourseWorks modules. The content you find included will acquaint you with the Center for Teaching and Learning, Columbia Research, the Offices of Faculty Affairs and of Faculty Advancement, the University Libraries, the Office of Work/Life, Columbia University Information Technology, and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action. It is estimated that the course will take 4 hours to complete 

Questions about the course?

If you have general or technical questions about the course, please contact the CTL at ColumbiaCTL@columbia.edu

If you have questions about the content, please review the contact information in each module of the course.

More questions about acclimating to life at Columbia?

Check out our Faculty Resources page or email us at facultyadvancement@columbia.edu.