Getting Started with Slack

Slack offers some great resources to help you get acclimated, including an overview of the platform and a video demo

Download the app
  • You can run Slack through your web browser or download the desktop app. 
  • To receive seamless notifications on your mobile devices, download the mobile app
Set up your profile

Create your Slack profile with your name and School/Department. You might want to include a few interesting details (hobbies and interests), and a clear profile photo to help others learn more about you. 

Explore the channels in the Columbia Faculty Slack workspace

The Columbia Faculty Slack workspace has channels for

#general - a space for general conversation
#remote-teaching - share resources, ask questions
#currently-reading - make recommendations
#food-network - share recipes, photos of your culinary creations
#twitter-columbia-faculty - view the @ColumbiaFaculty Twitter feed 

Can I set up my own new channel?

Yes! If there is a topic that you’d like to add to the workspace, you can create a private channel and invite others to it. If you have a recommendation for a public channel, please email [email protected].

  1. Click the plus icon next to Channels in the left sidebar.
  2. Name your channel. Channel names must be lowercase, without spaces or periods, and shorter than 80 characters.
  3. Add a description to let others know what the channel is about. 
  4. Use the toggle to make the channel private.
  5. When you’re ready, click Create channel.
  6. Add others to the channel: start typing a name, then select it from the dropdown menu to add that person. You can also add members later on.