Faculty Snapshot: V. Faye McNeill

Three photos of V Faye McNeill in frames next to text with her name

Tell us about your work.
In my group, we study how pollutants transform in the atmosphere to form particulate matter, and how COVID can be transmitted through respiratory particles indoors. We also have been working with collaborators across Columbia and partners on the ground and India and Africa to improve air quality in cities where air pollution is an urgent problem and data is scarce.

Tell us about a book that you have read recently and would recommend.
A favorite of mine, which I recently re-read because it is very relevant to the times, is The Scribe of Siena by CUIMC faculty member Dr. Melodie Winawer. It is a novel about a neuroscientist who is transported to medieval Italy at the onset of the Plague and her tale of adventure and survival.  

What have you been listening to lately? Can you recommend a podcast, album, or artist?
My sons are in charge of the playlist at home. Like me, they like to dance and usually pick upbeat music. They are big fans of Pitbull these days.  

To learn more about Dr. McNeill's research, please visit her website, follow her on Twitter, or email her directly.