Faculty Snapshot: Jasmine McDonald

Photos of Jasmine wearing a green floral dress, with a child, and with two other people wearing pizza costumes

Tell us about your work.
My research portfolio is founded on my interest in understanding underlying biological mechanisms for breast cancer initiation, promotion, and progression. Given breast cancer is the most highly diagnosed cancer in women globally and the rise in invasive breast cancer in young women, I am focused on a deeper etiologic understanding of the mammary gland across windows where the breast tissue is highly proliferative and may be more sensitive to carcinogenesis (e.g., puberty and postpartum). I currently teach Cancer Epidemiology at the Mailman School of Public Health.

What's in your Netflix queue right now?
The Crown! My secret weakness is period pieces on kings and queens. Think the Tudors and Anne Boleyn and anything else with really poofy/fancy impractical forms of dress and ruthless politics. I wasn't sure about The Crown (not enough poof), but it is turning out to be great! Once I found out that Game of Thrones had fancy dresses and ruthlessness, I binged every season!

What is a self-care practice that works for you?
I unwind from the day by listening to an audible book. But not just any audible book - books that take my mind's imagination into fantastical times and surreal stories. I have so many I have enjoyed. Lately, I have been listening to An Unkindness of Ghosts by Rivers Solomon read by Cherise Booth. It is a fictional futuristic take on humanity escaping Earth's demise on a space vessel, where the grimmest parts of our history seem to repeat themselves. For something lighter, but also fantastical, I listen to anything by Neil Gaiman - my favorite is Norse Mythology. And of course, there is the rare occasion of The Adventures of Captain Underpants for family listening time.

To learn more about Dr. McDonald's research, please visit her faculty website or follow her on Twitter.