Back-Up Care

The Back-Up Care Advantage Program® provides care for anyone you have or feel a responsibility toward, including yourself, when normal arrangements are disrupted and/or when you need to provide short-term care—your child cannot attend school, school is closed, the babysitter cancels, your parent who lives in another state becomes ill or temporarily incapacitated, your home health aide cannot come in—but you still need to get to work, teach your courses, attend to your lab, or write a paper.

For situations like these and more, Columbia University has contracted with Bright Horizons Family Solutions to provide access to 100 hours of back-up care per year.

When you have planned or unplanned changes to your usual care arrangements Back-Up Care Advantage Program®, can provide you with a professional caregiver in your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or at a qualified facility.

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