Shardashish Interschool Fellowship

About the Shardashish Interschool Fellowship

The Shardashish Interschool Fellowship is made possible by the generous support of the UNM (Uttambhai Nathalal Mehta) Foundation.  The UNM Foundation is committed to expanding educational opportunities at all levels. Believing that education and health are cornerstones of societal development, particularly in a developing country like India, the UNM Foundation expends significant resources in both these areas. The intention of the Shardashish fellowship at Columbia University is to make available the best of global educational opportunities to bright and committed students who are economically challenged.  Beneficiaries of “Shardashish” (blessings of Mother of Knowledge) must push their existing boundaries to achieve and excel.  The expectation of Shardashish fellows is that they will maximize their learning opportunities and once successful will pay it forward, through enabling others. 

Criteria for this fellowship

  • Established commitment to India and its future
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Preference to residents of India
  • Must have applied and been admitted to one of the specific Columbia University schools and programs below:
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (5 programs)
The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science (MS programs only)
School of International and Public Affairs (1 program)

Application Procedures and Deadlines

Fellowships are awarded through a competitive process after admission to one of the above programs.  Funding is for one year, varying in amount depending on the particular program, level of financial need, and application qualifications.  The maximum amount for any individual fellow is $50,000 for one year.  The award can be applied to tuition and fees.

In order to apply for the Shardashish Interschool Fellowship, please download and fill out the Shardashish Interschool Application Form as well as the Shardashish Interschool Fellowship Needs Assessment Form. The Shardashish Interschool Fellowship Application Form and Needs Assessment Form should be sent to the admissions contact in the school you are attending or to which you are applying. The appropriate admissions contact is listed on the application form

The deadline for the Shardashish Application Form and Needs Assessment Form is *February 1, 2021* (for fellows who will be selected to begin their fellowship in the summer or fall of 2021).

Questions about submitting a Shardashish application? Please contact the admissions office in the school/program where you intend to apply.