Seed Grant Award: Improving Mobile Health Access and Quality to Black Patients with Liver Disease

Akhil Shenoy, Psychiatry; Lorna Dove, Nicole Golden, Surgery

Akhil Shenoy, Psychiatry; Lorna Dove, Nicole Golden (not pictured), Surgery

This project will focus on increasing Black patient satisfaction and patient-physician partnership in our liver clinic through two mobile health interventions.  A patient navigator will help patient engagement with the electronic health record portal.  Secondly, we will improve patient-centered communication through training and skill building.  We plan to measure the short-term objectives along with long term objectives of increasing patient trust, decreasing perceived racism, and improving patient-physician communication.  We will scale up to include the kidney transplant program if effective.

This project was funded through the Addressing Racism: A Call to Action for Higher Education initiative of the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement.