Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching by Faculty, 1996-2023

  • Nim Delafield Tottenham, Department of Psychology
  • Paul Ingram, Graduate School of Business
  • Mike Miller Eismeier, Department of Mathematics
  • Michael Shapiro, Department of Journalism
  • Yi Zhang, Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
  • Mariam Aly, Department of Psychology
  • Matthew I. Palmer, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
  • Devon M. Rupley, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Josef Sorett, Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies; Department of Religion
  • Yevgeniy Yesilevskiy, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Denise Cruz, Department of English and Comparative Literature
  • Jeremy Dodd, Department of Physics
  • Jasmine A. McDonald, Department of Epidemiology
  • Timothy Mitchell, Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
  • Katherine E. Reuther, Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • Raymond D. Horton, Graduate School of Business
  • Jean E. Howard, Department of English and Comparative Literature
  • Bert I. Huang, School of Law
  • Stacy Kinirons, Department of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine (Physical Therapy)
  • Paola Valenti, School of International and Public Affairs
  • Marcel Agüeros, Department of Astronomy
  • Alexandra Carter, School of Law
  • Tal Malkin, Department of Computer Science
  • Leah Meisterlin, GSAPP
  • Teresa Sharpe, Department of Sociology
  • Geraldine Downey, Department of Psychology
  • Binnie Kirshenbaum, School of the Arts
  • Ibrahim Odeh, Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
  • James Spears, Center for Family and Community Medicine (P&S)
  • Van Tran, Department of Sociology
  • Lisa Bates, Department of Epidemiology
  • Shamus Khan, Department of Sociology
  • Sarah M. Knuckey, School of Law
  • Aaron Kyle, Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • Tian Zheng, Department of Statistics
  • Luis Campos, Department of Chemistry
  • Adam Cannon, Department of Computer Science
  • Rita Charon, Department of Medicine
  • Olatunde Johnson, School of Law
  • Martina Pavlicova, Department of Biostatistics
  • Sally W. Aboelela, School of Nursing
  • Peter S. Bearman, Department of Sociology
  • Greg A. Freyer, Department of Environmental Health Sciences
  • Daniel C. Richman, School of Law
  • Kenneth M. Prager, Department of Medicine
  • Deborah L. Cabaniss, Department of Psychiatry
  • Glenn Denning, School of International and Public Affairs
  • Philip M. Genty, School of Law
  • Margo L. Jefferson, School of the Arts
  • Roger Vaughan, Department of Biostatistics
  • Lucie Brock-Broido, School of the Arts
  • Gil Eyal, Department of Sociology
  • Barbara Fields, Department of History
  • Rocco Servedio, Department of Computer Science
  • David Vallancourt, Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Jonathan Barasch, Departments of Medicine and Pathology and Cell Biology
  • John C.M. Brust, Department of Neurology
  • Samuel G. Freedman, Graduate School of Journalism
  • Carol B. Liebman, School of Law
  • Eric R. Mendelsohn, School of the Arts
  • Mary Sheila S. Coronel, Graduate School of Journalism
  • Kenneth Frampton, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
  • Richard Korb, Department of Germanic Languages
  • Richard Locke, School of the Arts 
  • Jill S. Shapiro, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology 
  • Sharon Akabas, Department of Pediatrics GI
  • Michelle Ballan, School of Social Work
  • Linda Cushman, Department of Population and Family Health
  • Frederik Paerels, Department of Astronomy
  • Michael Sparer, Department of Health Policy and Management
  • Wendy K. Chung, Department of Pediatrics
  • George Deodatis, Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
  • Marguerite Y. Holloway, Graduate School of Journalism
  • Scott A. Snyder, Department of Chemistry
  • Joseph Tenenbaum, Department of Medicine 
  • Andrea Bubula, School of International and Public Affairs
  • Lewis Cole, School of the Arts
  • Carl Hart, Department of Psychology
  • Letty Moss-Salentijn, College of Dental Medicine
  • Gerard Parkin, Department of Chemistry
  • Joyce K. Anastasi, School of Nursing
  • Patricia Culligan, Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
  • Donald Hood, Departments of Psychology and Ophthalmology
  • Liza Knapp, Department of Slavic Languages
  • Susan Sturm, School of Law
  • Melissa Begg, Department of Biostatistics 
  • Marc L. Dickstein, Department of Anesthesiology
  • Eric Foner, Department of History
  • Laurie Hodrick, Graduate School of Business
  • Nikolaus Wolcz, School of the Arts
  • Nicholas J. Dames, Department of English and Comparative Literature
  • Patrick Gallagher, Department of Mathematics
  • Lydia D. Goehr, Department of Philosophy
  • Bruce George Link, Departments of Epidemiology and Sociomedical Sciences 
  • Sanford I. Padwe, Graduate School of Journalism
  • Suzanne Bakken, School of Nursing and Department of Biomedical Informatics 
  • Amanda Claybaugh, Department of English and Comparative Literature
  • E. Tory Higgins, Department of Psychology
  • Patricia O'Toole, School of the Arts
  • P. Michael Tuts, Department of Physics
  • Lawrence B. Engel, School of the Arts
  • Amy L. Fairchild, Department of Sociomedical Sciences 
  • Martin Meisel, Department of English and Comparative Literature
  • Yannis P. Tsividis, Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Nicholas J. Turro, Departments of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Earth and Environmental Engineering
  • Kathy H. Eden, Departments of English and Comparative Literature and Classics
  • Sigvard G. Gissler, Graduate School of Journalism
  • Thomas J. Katz, Department of Chemistry
  • Archie Rand, School of the Arts
  • Gerald Thomson, Department of Medicine
  • Joseph Connors, Department of Art History and Archaeology
  • John B. Donaldson, Graduate School of Business
  • David J. Helfand, Department of Astronomy
  • Steven Z. Miller, Department of Pediatrics
  • Carol Sanger, School of Law
  • George Flynn, Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
  • Bruce Greenwald, Graduate School of Business
  • David Kastan, Department of English and Comparative Literature
  • Jay Lefkowitch, Department of Pathology
  • Sharon Schwartz, Mailman School of Public Health
  • Hilary Ballon, Department of Art History and Archaeology
  • Richard Bushman, Department of History
  • Martha Dore, School of Social Work
  • Eric Marcus, Departments of Psychiatry and Medicine
  • Deborah Mowshowitz, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Ian Bent, Department of Music
  • Elizabeth Blackmar, Department of History
  • Robert Ferguson, Department of English and Comparative Literature and School of Law
  • Glenda Garvey, Department of Medicine
  • Alan Ziegler, School of the Arts
  • Caroline Bynum, Department of History
  • Leonard Fine, Department of Chemistry
  • Gerard E. Lynch, School of Law
  • Joseph Patterson, Department of Astronomy
  • Andrew Wit, Department of Pharmacology
  • Teodolinda Barolini, Department of Italian
  • Allan Blaer, Department of Physics
  • Herbert Chase, Department of Medicine
  • James Shenton, Department of History
  • Edward Tayler, Department of English and Comparative Literature