Higher Education Recruitment Consortium

The Metro New York & Southern Connecticut Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) offers a unique web-based job search engine that centralizes job postings for faculty and staff positions at all member institutions and accommodates dual-career searches. Developed by Columbia University, New York University, and Yale University, the consortium includes more than 25 member institutions and aims to improve academic recruitment and retention, with an emphasis on facilitating dual-career appointments and enhancing faculty diversity.

Across all disciplines, the availability of employment for a candidate’s partner greatly enhances the likelihood of a successful hire. The ability to place a candidate’s partner is especially desirable in cases where recruiting the primary candidate enhances our faculty’s racial and gender diversity. The site also explicitly includes jobs for research scientists and post-doctoral candidates. Although the metro New York and southern Connecticut area is home to more than 130 accredited academic institutions, there is no other resource that comprehensively lists positions in higher education in the region. Member institutions pay an annual fee, and the site is available to all jobseekers free of charge.

By enhancing information, resources, networking, and outreach programs, HERC institutions gain support in their efforts to attract diverse and qualified faculty and staff.