Faculty Snapshot: Nathalie Moise

Text Faculty Snapshot Nathalie Moise Florence Irving Associate Professor

Tell us about your work.
I direct the Im_Sci Lab at the Center for Behavioral Cardiovascular Health and lead a multidisciplinary group of researchers dedicated to integrating implementation science, human centered design and behavioral science methods to reduce disparities at the intersection of mental illness and cardiovascular disease. My work has focused on testing technical assistance and digital patient activation strategies to improve the uptake of evidence based mental health interventions both in policy and healthcare settings. I have consulted extensively and lectured in the area of implementation strategy design and sustainability.

What are you looking forward to right now? What are you most excited about?
My family lives in Paris and I am very much looking forward to my annual trip to Europe! This year will include a road trip to Nice, Monaco, Geneva and a beach town in the south of France. I'm looking forward to disconnecting, resting and spending time with my family. 

On the research front, I am excited to start work on an upcoming R01 submission seeking to test a sustainability toolkit for collaborative care models in primary care clinics across New York State. I am very interested in testing advanced methods for designing implementation strategies and enjoy both the creative process and opportunity to work with policymakers.  

What is a self-care practice that works for you?
I have been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years and try to practice at least once a week and do a yoga/spa retreat once a year. I find it very centering and relaxing. Our Im_Sci Lab has increasingly incorporated more self-care, including meditation/stretches during team meetings and burnout/team building retreats. Just two weeks ago, our team invited an instructor to guide us through a yoga/meditation session.

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