Adoption Assistance Program

Columbia University offers the Adoption Assistance Program to help with the costs incurred by adoptive parents. Full-time, regular officers and full-time, regular nonunion support staff are eligible for this program.

The benefit reimburses up to $5,000 per adoption provided you are a full-time eligible employee. It is available for incurred expenses on or after your first day of full-time employment.

If you adopt two children at the same time, the maximum reimbursement is $10,000 for the combined expenses. If both you and your spouse/same-sex domestic partner are eligible Columbia officers or nonunion support staff members, you are eligible for a maximum $10,000 reimbursement per adoption ($20,000 for a simultaneous adoption of two children).

The reimbursement appears in your paycheck. No federal, state, or city taxes will be withheld. In accordance with IRS requirements, however, FICA and Medicare taxes will be withheld.

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