REVISED Templates for Officers of Research in CPW-UAW

Pearl Spiro
August 26, 2020

Please find revised templates for the offer letters to be sent to postdoctoral research fellows, postdoctoral research scientists/scholars, and associate research scientists/scholars who are now covered by a collective bargaining agreement between the University and Columbia Postdoctoral Workers-UAW Local 4100.  There are four templates covering the following scenarios:

  1. Postdoctoral Research Fellows who are only receiving a stipend;
  2. Postdoctoral Research Fellows who are receiving a stipend and who need supplemental salary to reach the minimum set by the union contract;
  3. Postdoctoral Research Scientists/Scholars; and
  4. Associate Research Scientists/Scholars (please especially note the modification in the template for associate research scientists/scholars who have supervisory responsibilities).

These templates should immediately replace the templates you have been using for these groups of officers of research. 

Please contact Carmen DeLeon, Zeid Sitnica, or me if you have any questions.  Please do not modify these templates in any way without talking to one of us.

Pearl Spiro
Associate Provost for Academic Appointments