New Provost Invention Agreement Effective July 13, 2021

July 13, 2021

The Invention Agreement and accompanying documents have been updated to reflect Mary C. Boyce’s appointment as Provost. The documents with Provost Boyce’s name can be found at:

Please start using these versions of the documents immediately.

We understand that newly hired academic personnel might have signed the version with Ira Katznelson’s name during their  onboarding during the Spring, and we will accept those documents. However, anyone receiving an offer letter dated July 13, 2021 or thereafter must be given the new version of the Invention Agreement, if it is applicable to their appointment. Older versions of the document will not be accepted for these people.

People who have already signed an Invention Agreement do not need to redo the document. 

Please contact Niurka Campusano, Raquel Munoz, or Jinah Paek if you have any questions.


Pearl, Carmen, Zeid