Hiring Freeze Overview with Required Forms

Pearl Spiro
April 07, 2020

Attached for your information is the cover memo and “Hiring Freeze Overview” that Anne Sullivan, Gerald Rosberg, and Ira Katznelson issued last week.  I wanted to make sure that you had received it, and were aware of the hiring freeze that has been in place since March 24, 2020 and of the procedures that have been developed to deal with possible exceptions to the freeze.

The main points of the policy are:

  • The hiring freeze covers the hiring of new full-time and part-time faculty and officers of research as well as replacements for existing vacant positions. 
  • The hiring freeze will be in place until at least June 30, 2020, and it is possible that it will be extended into the next academic year.
  • During the hiring freeze the hiring of all faculty and officers of research will require the approval of the dean or Institute director, and will be subject to a central review.  Central review will be required for new positions and before filling existing vacant positions.  Full-time positions cannot be posted before the central review is completed.   The review process will be handled by the Office of the Provost.

Attached are forms that should be used to prepare requests for exceptions for a central review.  One is for full-time appointments; one is for part-time appointments.      

  • Many deans will likely implement their own restrictions and review processes.   A central University review will only be conducted on requests approved by the deans and Institute directors. 
  • The only exceptions to the central review process involve:
    1.  academic personnel who accepted written offers prior to March 24, 2020
    2.  officers of research engaged in ongoing or new research deemed necessary to perform onsite (as approved by the dean or Institute director), including COVID-19 research, or in research that can be performed entirely remotely.  Exceptions for new positions for grant-funded officers of research whose work is not essential onsite research or cannot be conducted entirely remotely should follow the central review process.
  • School-approved promotions for faculty and officers of research that follow an academic review process should be provided separately as a schedule in the FY21 academic and Institute budget submissions to the Provost. Promotions of officers of research requiring Provostial review should be submitted to the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs for approval before they are included in the budget submission.

All submissions as well as questions should be sent to academic.hiringrequest@columbia.edu

Pearl Spiro
Associate Provost for Academic Appointments