Hiring Freeze Exceptions for Summer Sessions and by Category of Academic Personnel

Pearl Spiro
April 24, 2020

To help expedite the approval of exceptions to the hiring freeze attached please find two forms which will permit you to request exceptions by category, rather than by position.  The first is to be used exclusively to request permission to hire faculty for the Summer Session(s) your School offers/offer.  The second will allow you to request an exception for a category of academic personnel in a department or school (e.g., adjunct faculty for the Fall 2020 semester) rather than to request an exception to hire each adjunct faculty member to meet the teaching responsibilities of a particular term or a particular rank of officers of research to work in a specific lab.   

My office needs approval from Interim Provost Katznelson before we can process faculty appointments and from the deans before we can process appointments for departmental research assistants, GRA Research Fellows, and readers for the Summer.  You will not need to request exceptions to hire graduate research assistants, teaching assistants, teaching fellows, or preceptors for the Summer or subsequent terms as long as the hiring freeze continues since these groups have already received a general exception to the hiring freeze.  (See attached e-mail from Vice Provost Latha Venkataraman.)     

Therefore, please be sure that your School requests an exception to the hiring freeze for these faculty and gets approval from the appropriate dean to appoint the particular groups of student officers as soon as possible.   As you will see from the attached form for Summer Session(s),  the names of all the faculty  you want to appoint and all the courses you plan to offer are not required.  

To expedite approval, the requests for faculty and officers of research should be sent to academic.hiringrequest@columbia.edu.   As soon as the request for the exception has been approved, we will send you instructions for submitting these appointments as well as rosters, if you have used them in the past for Summer appointments.  

Considering the limited amount of time before the Summer Sessions begin and the amount of work required to ensure that appointments are submitted properly and in a timely fashion so that people get paid on June 15, I would appreciate it if this could receive special attention.  Please let me know if you need any clarification or assistance.  

Pearl Spiro
Associate Provost for Academic Appointments