Provost Diversity Fellow: Shin Oblander

Headshot of Shin Oblander

Shin Oblander, PhD candidate

Department and School
Marketing, Graduate School of Business

Shin is a PhD candidate at Columbia Business School studying quantitative marketing. Previously, they received a BS in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Shin develops and applies econometric methods to empirically model human behavior. Their prior work has included developing novel statistical procedures to perform causal inference and correct for selection bias in data. Currently, they are studying strategy formation in the context of competitive video games, modeling how players learn about and react to the strategies used by other players and how the "metagame" of players' strategies evolves over time. Beyond research, Shin is passionate about teaching, having developed and taught an intensive course on statistical modeling for the MS in Marketing Science program at CBS. Shin is an avid urbanist and transit enthusiast. They can often be found praising the Tokyo rail network, discussing the MTA's improvement plans, and complaining about car-dependent infrastructure.

Asim M. Ansari, William T. Dillard Professor of Marketing
Oded Netzer, Vice Dean for Research Dean's Office, Arthur J. Samberg Professor of Business

Favorite hangout on or off campus
The Taco Bell Cantina

Favorite self-care ritual