Junior Faculty Grant Awardee: Wei Cai, School of Business

Diversity Cascade

Wei Cai, Assistant Professor of Business

In Diversity Cascade, Professor Cai examines the long-term value of ensuring that a firm’s board of directors include those who hold marginalized identities. Specifically, Professor Cai studies whether board diversity has a “cascade” effect on rank-and-file employees within the organization. In addition, Profeesor Cai will examine the impact of board diversity on not only long-term financial outcomes, but also other indicators of firm performance that are traditionally overlooked, such as hiring and promoting rank-and-file employees who hold marginalized identities, employee engagement, employee turnover, and innovation, among other important firm outcomes.

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This project was funded through the Office of the Provost Grants Program for Junior Faculty who Contribute to the Diversity Goals of the University.