Faculty Recruitments: Requests for Proposals

Faculty Recruitments from Underrepresented Groups. This program is designed to support Schools’ diversity plans, and to assist the University in meeting placement goals established in its affirmative action programs, by advancing the recruitment of outstanding minority and female scholars in disciplines where the availability of qualified minorities and women exceeds their representation on our faculty. Our goal is that the composition of our tenured and tenure-track faculty more closely reflects the national pool of qualified candidates. The program has two elements, Standard Search Recruitments and Target-of-Opportunity Recruitments

  • Standard Search Recruitment Application Guidelines. In recognition of the time urgency usually associated with standard search recruitments, requests for support will be accepted and considered on a rolling basis. A committee will review the applications and will make recommendations to the Provost. Deans should expect a turn-around time of approximately 2 weeks. 
  • Target-of-Opportunity Recruitment Application Guidelines. While Departments/Schools will normally use the procedures described in its Standard Search and Evaluation Procedures to recruit faculty members, a hiring unit may seek a waiver from these procedures for some types of recruitments. If the candidate in question is an outstanding female or minority scholar, whose successful recruitment would bring the composition of the unit's faculty into closer alignment with the composition of the national pool of qualified candidates, then the unit may apply for a waiver, and also seek funds from the Office of the Provost to support the recruitment. Please consult with your dean for more information regarding eligibility. The next application deadline is Friday, March 6, 2020. 

Office of the Provost's Initiative to Support LGBTQ Scholarship at Columbia University. This program is designed to support the University's goals with respect to diversity and our climate of inclusion, by advancing the recruitment of outstanding tenured/tenure-track faculty members engaged in LGBTQ scholarship. The next LGBTQ Scholarship application deadline is Friday, March 6, 2020. 

Given the limited amount of Office of the Provost funding for junior and mid-career faculty awards, standard search and target-of-opportunity recruitments for faculty members from underrepresented groups, Schools are strongly encouraged to develop a process for determining which funding requests will be prioritized and put forward. Departments requesting support should coordinate closely with their Deans. Funding requests must be submitted with the support and sign-off by the School’s Dean.