Working Group on Faculty Retirement

Provost John H. Coatsworth has announced the appointment of a Working Group on Faculty Retirement.

The Working Group will advise the Provost on the creation of a culture the supports transition to retirement as a normal developmental stage in a faculty member’s career path.  It will seek to identify the enablers of and barriers to retirement at Columbia and recommend on any needed changes in policies, procedures and/ or resources to improve circumstances for retiring faculty.

Members include the following:

    Amory, Spencer (P&S)
    Bell, Michael (Architecture)
    Carlson, Marian (P&S)
    Chalmers, Douglas (Retiree, A&S)
    Downey, Geraldine (A&S)
    Fried, Linda (MSPH)
    Huberman, Gur (Business)
    Hymes, Robert (A&S)
    Jervis, Robert (A&S)
    Madigan, David (A&S)
    Merrill, Tom (Law)