Register Your Columbia International Travel

Dear fellow members of the Columbia community:

As we approach spring break, many of you will be serving Columbia’s global mission by traveling abroad for research, teaching, learning, and other activities. 

While traveling internationally can be an enriching experience, it also entails risks. Because of this, careful planning must precede international travel, even for seasoned travelers. To aid this planning and to provide support to those whose interests or scholarly inquiry takes them overseas, over the past year the University has developed and now established a new International Travel Planning Policy and created a new companion website.

The Policy establishes requirements for planning international travel that is organized, funded, arranged, or recognized by the University. Specifically, you should register your international Columbia Travel through the University’s Global Travel website page titled Register a Trip. Registering trips ahead of time enables the University to mobilize more quickly and effectively should there be an emergency.

You are also encouraged to browse through other related topics at our new Global Travel website. There you will find information about travel alerts, logistics information, and other resources for international travelers. Currently, the University has issued a travel advisory related to health concerns for anyone traveling to, or living in, areas with confirmed cases of Zika virus.

For more information about this advisory as well as many other resources for travelers, please visit

I wish you all the best in your academic endeavors wherever your travels take you. 


John H. Coatsworth

If you cannot access the new International Travel Planning Policy at the link above, please visit the policy website at
If you cannot access the Zika travel advisory at the link above, please visit the Preparedness website at