Register Your Columbia International Travel

Dear fellow members of the Columbia community:

As we approach winter break, many of you will be serving Columbia’s global mission by traveling abroad for research, teaching, learning, and other activities. 

If you are planning to travel internationally, I want to recommend a service available to all University affiliates via International SOS (ISOS). ISOS provides 24-hour worldwide medical assistance, medical monitoring, medical/security emergency evacuation, and 24-hour security assistance prior to and during your trip. For more information about their services, please see ISOS.

To use the service, register your trip in ISOS MyTrips by following the steps listed on Columbia’s Register Your Trip page. There is no cost to do so. When you register, ISOS will provide you with emergency contact information in case of need.

You are also encouraged to browse through other related topics at our evolving Global Support website. There you will find information about planning for your trip, best practices for claiming any reimbursements due, and most importantly, what to do in an emergency.

I wish you all the best in your academic endeavors wherever your travels take you. 


John H. Coatsworth